It’s Easy to Love a Senior Dog 

It’s Easy to Love a Senior Dog 

 I’ve loved and lost many dogs over the years, raised from exuberant puppies through their passing as dignified elders.  All stages are grand, but as I get older, I appreciate more and more the ease and comfort of life with a senior dog. 

Smokey was our most recent old man dog, a black lab mix whose coat became speckled, then filled, with spots of beautiful white hair as he aged.  He was always one of those “good dogs,” the kind that make you feel blessed when they cross your threshold.

As he got older, he just got better.  He was equally excited about going for a walk, or an afternoon nap, as long as he was with us.  He loved to lie on the lawn in the autumn sun, listening to birds chirp and watching squirrels run across the tree limbs and leap precariously from one to the next.

With a senior dog, there’s less need for vigorous exercise so you can put as much emphasis on just being, instead of doing.  If I was drinking my morning coffee, watching TV at night, or working in the back yard, Smokey was always there.

Although we lost him to systemic vasculitis a month shy of his 11th birthday, the memories of Smokey’s companionship and quiet grace are gifts I will always cherish. 

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