Meet the Dogs

Week of 11/26/18 – How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was wonderful, and we are still thankful today – for some incredible new dogs from the Calhoun County Humane Society!  They are a young group and SO good looking.  Check out these great guys and gals.  For more information on CCHS adoption procedures, call 256-405-6680.


Billy is a six month old male mix of a little bit of everything – yellow lab, maybe husky or shepherd, or even beagle.  A true all-American dog!  He is about 30 lbs and needs to grow and put on a bit more weight.  He was brought in as a stray and is a happy boy who LOVES people.

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Meet Mandy, Billy’s litter mate and another sweetheart of a six-month old female puppy!  She looks a bit more beagle-ish, or even some type of hound mixed in with the yellow lab? She is thin at about 25 lbs. and needs to add some weight as she continues to grow up.  Mandy also loves people and treats – she so enjoys getting some petting and affection!

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This is Oliver, a 6-8 month old male yellow lab mix who may also be part Carolina dog.  Oliver is about 35 lbs. and is a bit shy when he first meets new people.  He is very curious of everything, though, and enjoys treats a lot! He really enjoys running in the play yard.

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Goofy Polly is a nine month old female golden retriever mix.  She weighs 45-50 lbs.  She is a sassy girl who will sit sometimes, and come to you sometimes, and sometimes not!  Her coat is incredibly soft and fluffy.  She was an owner surrender and just needs some work on getting more comfortable and reliable coming up to people to get leashed up for her walk.

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What a gorgeous dog Polo is!  This handsome Great Dane mix is a two-year old male with black and gold brindle coloring.  He looks mostly Great Dane, but he is only 60 lbs or so.  He may be mixed with Plott Hound.  Polo is SO happy when people will pet him or love on him.  He likes treats, too.  He needs to put on another 10 lbs. to be at his ideal weight. He can be jumpy when he first meets you so we will work on that this week.

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